Quality Assurance for E-Motors

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Automated processes are involved in producing many of the components found in compact high-performance motors. For example, the current-carrying conductors in the stator are no longer wound from many thin wires, but bent from solid copper wires, plugged together and welded. While this bending action is fully automated, it poses quality assurance challenges to measure the pin shape and isolation lacquer thickness due to the flexible structure of the pins. Eventually, these hairpins need to fit into the exact grooves punched or cut into the stator stack sheets. Such high-precision assemblies require down-to-the-micrometer accuracy – and this is where ZEISS excels.

ZEISS offers tactile and different optical measuring devices such as 2D camera, laser triangulation and confocal whitelight sensors to cover every aspect of the quality management process – for efficient, reliable motors that last. From handheld laser scanners to high-accuracy coordinate measuring machines, these devices are used in essential quality controls at multiple points throughout production – from the prototype stage to the assembly line, in two or three dimensions. As an expert in precision engineering, ZEISS can also design and set up the ideal inspection chain for every manufacturer.

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