ZEISS mass technology



  • 1个系统、4种技术和9个探头
  • 只需三步即可轻松更换探头
  • 不会因更换探头而损失测量空间
  • 尽可能地满足您的测量要求



Investment in the future

The mass technology from ZEISS offers advantages for many quality assurance tasks.

Higher measuring reliability

Since the workpiece is measured in one clamping and thus in the same reference coordinate system with different sensors.

Greater flexibility

Users can thus react very quickly to changing measurement tasks.

High level of investment security

If necessary, the coordinate measuring machines can be retrofitted quickly and economically by purchasing additional sensors. Thus, the investment in coordinate measuring machines with mass technology is also worthwhile for those companies that currently have no need for the use of optical sensors.

Lower costs

Because instead of having to invest in several devices and larger footprints, they only need the appropriate sensors to handle all measurement tasks.

More efficient production processes

Since users can measure optically quickly and easily, they can detect possible production problems faster or avoid them. This means they detect, eliminate and thus avoid previously undetected errors in the manufacturing process.



无论是安装在RDS上的ZEISS VAST XXT接触式探头还是ZEISS VAST XT gold系列的接触式探头,燕尾榫机构使得更换探头更容易。只需要拧松一个螺钉即可轻松更换探头。


无论是安装在RDS上的ZEISS VAST XXT接触式探头还是ZEISS VAST XT gold系列的接触式探头,因为具有燕尾榫机构,因此很容易切换探头。只需要拧松一个螺钉即可轻松更换探头。


每个蔡司探头都配有一个ID芯片,该芯片在调试后会自动被机器识别,并可在ZEISS CALYPSO测量软件中进行选择。该系统消除了操作错误,使用户能够专注于真正重要的事情,即测量任务。