How to unlock quality consistency and repeatability in LPBF-AM, empowered by ZEISS AM VERCES

Technical and economic feasibility are major challenges of the metal additive manufacturing adoption. However, this innovative production technology offers great potential for various industries. 

Introducing ZEISS AM VERCES, leveraging a patented solution powered by artificial intelligence, you will be able to take advantage of defect-free components and reduce your cost per part, independent of production machine, manufacturing location, and external influences.
ZEISS AM VERCES provides fast and reproducible evaluation of porosity, pore morphology, geometric deformation and surface roughness, enabling you to realize the holistic optimization and qualification of your laser powder bed fusion process.

Highlights of this webinar:

  • Reduce time and cost of new material development and unlock novel specific alloys
  • Achieve printer equivalency and ensure repeatability and reproducibility
  • Rapidly qualify single or multi-laser production machines