Simple Measurement Plan Creation and Informative Measurement Results Display



  • Informative measurement results with ZEISS PiWeb reporting: new report headers, simple plot activation
  • Optical measurements: automatically generated autofocus point in the CAD mode, optimized settings windows and much more
  • New calculations for characteristics: implement the requirements for your drawing with greater ease
  • ZEISS CALYPSO curve and PCM: faster and more user-friendly programming, easy derivation of corrective measures and improved measurement point detection

ZEISS PiWeb reporting: measurement results with the information you need

Informative measurement results with ZEISS PiWeb reporting
New report header fields, easy plot activation and much more: ZEISS PiWeb reporting enables the informative display of your measurement results.

ZEISS PiWeb reporting is already included with ZEISS CALYPSO and offers numerous display and analysis possibilities for your measurement data. ZEISS CALYPSO 2018 supports the switch from a custom printout to ZEISS PiWeb reporting with a wide array of innovative functionalities: the integration of new report headers – including "measurement duration" "scattering" and "form" – ensures that all important information is documented in your measurement report. Defining customized report header fields and activating plots is easy so that you can optimally visualize your measurement results. Archiving the reports takes next to no time, ensuring that you have a clear overview of your measurement data.

User-friendly functionalities for optical measurements

With ZEISS CALYPSO 2018, you benefit from improved ease of use with optical measurements: various settings windows – including "threshold" and "measurement strategy" – have been optimized and are now easier to use. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently create the right image for your measurement. The measurement points update make it possible to directly monitor modifications to the parameters. Moreover, ZEISS CALYPSO 2018 now automatically identifies the right alignment and then generates an autofocus or edge point.

New calculations for characteristics

Implement the requirements from your drawing with just a few clicks in ZEISS CALYPSO 2018: the characteristics "concentricity," "coaxiality," "straightness" and "angularity" have been enhanced with additional datums and tolerance zones, meeting the requirements for ISO 2692 and ISO 1101. ZEISS PiWeb report templates are output in line with the evaluation method stipulated in ISO 14405.

Optimized curve evaluation: new functionalities in CURVE and PCM

The ZEISS CALYPSO options CURVE and PCM have been redesigned: new PCM codes enable the automatic transfer of report header information from measurement point files. Moreover, you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent programming thanks to improved search and selection functions in ZEISS CALYPSO PCM. Corrective measures on manufacturing machines can now be performed quickly and easily following the curve measurement. A CNC-capable data format is created and can be used immediately, eliminating time-consuming data conversion. Automated functionalities have also replaced additional manual work steps.

Optimized curve evaluation with ZEISS CALYPSO curve
Optimized curve evaluation with ZEISS CALYPSO curve and PCM

Other ZEISS CALYPSO 2018 updates

Optimized stylus allocation and measurement plan simulation
✓ simplified measurement plan creation with automatic functionalities

Intelligent calculation of the necessary angular positions for the RDS sensor
✓ quick, convenient programming

New installation package for the automatic setup of the new software version
✓ central, company-wide software rollout is now possible

Up to three materials can now be analyzed when measuring with CT scanners
✓ just a single measurement is required for an in-depth analysis of different materials

Local versioning of measurement plans
✓ traceability

Automatic message when the CAD model is updated
✓ ensure that you use the most recent CAD model

New icons for characteristics
✓ cutting-edge, easy-to-understand software interface

Simultaneous, subsequent evaluation of multiple measurement files
✓ statistics for past measurements and simple re-measurement if the measurement plan changes

ZEISS CALYPSO 2018 features a cutting-edge and user-friendly software interface
New icons for characteristics in ZEISS CALYPSO 2018