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Everyone experiences travel in a different way. Here are just five stories.

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People travel in different ways – not only in terms of where we stay or in how we get from A to B, but also in the way we perceive the world around us; our impression of travel has an impact on every single one of our encounters.
Read on to discover five very different accounts – all of them digital and filled with photographs.

1.Gunnar Freyr

Gunnar Freyr was born in Denmark to Icelandic parents. Photography is his way of discovering his roots. He has a very special approach: Gunnar is able to harness the cold and inhospitable nature to capture some truly unique shots.
He does this, for instance, through his series entitled Isolation, which depicts solitary houses found across the Icelandic landscape.Minimalist motifs with a good eye for detail.


2.Charley Whits

Street photography is Charley Whits’ passion in life. He shares the world as he sees it primarily via Instagram. Showing the special things in life and capturing moments forever – that’s something that sets street photography apart and it’s also what Charley’s style is all about. The way he plays with reflections, uses windows as his canvas and breathes life into shadows is just remarkable. Charley’s subjects are everything that our eyes normally don’t catch sight of.

 ©Charley Whits

3.Bernhard Lang

Bernhard Lang is a Berlin-based photographer who has specialized in bird’s-eye-view shots – photos from the very top, which he captures using a drone. This is also true of his photo series from the Adriatic: beach photos that normally show busy scenes even appear tidy when seen from the sky.

You can see rows of pastel-coloured beach umbrellas that have been bleached by the sun, with boats and volleyball courts forming impressive patterns and holidaymakers appearing as nothing more than roaming dots.

 ©Jodi Ettenberg

4.Legal Nomads

“Telling stories through food” is blogger Jodi Ettenberg’s motto. When she began travelling, she wanted to tell her friends and family all about her adventures – and paid particular attention to the foods she sampled in different countries. She gained new insights through food – and was able to see what stood out in various places and their cultures. Her photos of delicious foods from around the world are a real feast for the eyes! She uses her blog to go in search of all the wonders that travel has to offer.


5.Off Assignment

Off Assignment is much more than just a travel blog – it’s a collection of stories that have never been told. The creators of the platform called on their readers to write a letter to someone who they met while travelling that made a big impression on them. This opened the door to stories about a lady on a bench, a man in sandals and a boy with an accordion. “Behind the feature” – the stories that journalists experience during their travels but never make it as articles – is another project run by Off Assignment. These alternative travel accounts are designed to showcase experiences that not everyone gets to hear about.


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