The perfect addition to ZEISS SLR lenses

Accessories for SLR Lenses

SLR Lens Case Set

This award-winning, waterproof and shock resistant ZEISS SLR case is custom-made for the following five lenses with F (ZF.2) or EF mount (ZE) and features an opening for an optional sixth lens:

  • Distagon T* 2,8/21
  • Distagon T* 2/28
  • Distagon T* 2/35
  • Planar T* 1,4/50
  • Planar T* 1,4/85

T* POL filter

The POL filters featuring entirely new photographic insights by avoiding reflections on non-metallic surfaces.

T* UV filter

The UV filters featuring absolute brilliance without altering the color rendition or exposure time.


即使在非常不利的光线条件下,拥有卡尔·蔡司独有 T* 抗反射涂层镀膜的光学镜头依然可以拍摄出色彩艳丽明亮的图片。我们独创的真空镀膜技术,将一层极度稀薄而透明的物料,采用真空淀积的方法及精确控制厚度技术涂镀在镜头表面,可有效消除镜片的反射光。这一镀膜技术由卡尔·蔡司公司于二十世纪三十年代首次应用。

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