ZEISS Dimension Lenses

High precision for greater efficiency

The new ZEISS Dimension® family meets the highest demands for industrial applications. The lenses developed for use with a C-mount are designed for image sensors up to a size of 4/3” and offer exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight and rugged aluminum housing. The ZEISS Dimension® family consists of six focal lengths ranging from 8 to 50 millimeters. Almost all ZEISS Dimension lenses have the same outer diameter for reliable planning when mounting them in production facilities.


Precision and ease of operation are key factors that make the ZEISS Dimension family stand out. With the help of the innovative adjustment mechanism*, it is easy to compensate for tolerances at the camera mount. In addition to the C-mount’s stable screw connection, locking screws on the focus and aperture rings guarantee a high degree of stability and ensure that the settings remain in the correct position.

Remark: *patent pending

ZEISS Dimension Lenses

The focus and aperture rings are equipped with gears to be directly connected to servomotors. If the scales on the lens are not easy to read during use in industrial applications, their alignment can be easily adjusted as needed.


ZEISS Dimension lenses are the perfect solution for complex production processes. Thanks to their high level of flexibility, they truly stand out when used in security and monitoring applications, quality control, traffic monitoring, recycling processes and many more applications.

  • Available Lenses
    Lens Type Focal Length Max. Aperture Min. Free Working Distance Focus Range (Object to Sensor)
    Filter Thread Camera Mount
    Dimension 2.8/8 8 mm 2.8 102.1 mm 180.6 mm M72 x 0.75
    Dimension 2/12 12 mm 2.0 101.0 mm 180.4 mm M43 x 0.75
    Dimension 2/18 18 mm 2.0 91.1 mm 170.5 mm M43 x 0.75 C-Mount*
    Dimension 2/25 25 mm 2.0 152.5 mm 231.9 mm M43 x 0.75 C-Mount*
    Dimension 2/35 35 mm 2.0 209.2 mm 288.6 mm M49 x 0.75 C-Mount*
    Dimension 2/50 50 mm 2.0 311.2 mm 390.3 mm M49 x 0.75 C-Mount*

    Remark: *available with fixing srews for focus and aperture

    Explanation of the ZEISS Lenses product names:

    ZEISS Automated Imaging - Lens Designation
  • Features

    Stress test

    ZEISS lenses need to operate perfectly in extreme conditions, withstanding everything from scorching heat and bitter cold to sandstorms and severe vibrations. The video shows how ZEISS researchers systematically submit lenses to extreme stresses in order to arrive at findings that can help in future lens design and development. The video explains how a lens with fixing screws was tested regarding following norms:

    • DIN ISO 9022
    • DIN EN 60068-1: 1988-06
    • DIN EN 60068-2 Part 64: 2009-04
    • MIL-Std 810G

    Exceptional image quality

    Thanks to ZEISS Dimension lenses’ outstanding image quality, even the smallest structures are clearly resolved. This reduces the demands placed on downstream image processing and makes shorter production times possible. In addition, the lenses’ extremely high image resolution is what makes certain measurements and the ability to collect some data possible at all.

    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - Exceptional image quality
    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - Correct flange focal distance tolerances

    Correct flange focal distance tolerances

    Precision is crucial in industrial applications. For maximum image sharpness, the lens and camera must work perfectly together. The smallest deviations in the flange focal distance can have negative effects on imaging performance. This is why the ZEISS Dimension lens family is equipped with the innovative adjustment mechanism*. The benefit of this system is that it allows the back focus distance to be corrected by up to +/- 0.2 millimeters without having to disassemble parts of the lens.

    Remark: *patent pending

    ZEISS T* coating for high-contrast images without reflections

    The ZEISS Dimension lenses feature all ZEISS T* coating. The careful selection of the layers deposited on the lenses ensures both the high and uniform transmission of light from the visible spectral range to the near-infrared wavelength range.

    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - ZEISS T* coating for high-contrast images without reflections
    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - For sensors up to the 4/3” format

    For sensors up to the 4/3” format

    ZEISS Dimension lenses can be used with all common sensor formats that are offered in combination with the C-mount. The range of compatible formats extends up to 4/3” sensors. All ZEISS Dimension lenses make it possible to fully exploit the resolving power of sensors with a pixel size of up to two microns. They stand out due to their high speed with a maximum aperture of f/2, or f/2.8 at 8 mm. This not only brings advantages in low light – the lenses’ high speed makes short exposure times possible, resulting in faster processes.

    Scales can be read from any position

    The mounting position of lenses on cameras in industrial applications can vary greatly. This often leads to scales being in inconvenient positions that are difficult to see during operation. To ensure optimum legibility at all times, the azimuth alignment of the scales can be corrected. Doing so is as easy as loosening three screws, moving the scales into the desired position and retightening the screws.

    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - Scales can be read from any position
    ZEISS Dimension Lenses - Locking screws for aperture and focus

    Locking screws for aperture and focus

    To ensure maximum image quality, eliminating interference from external vibrations is extremely important. This is why ZEISS Dimension lenses are equipped with three locking screws each on the aperture and focus ring. They prevent the lens settings from shifting unintentionally as a result of vibrations. All ZEISS Dimension lenses have been extensively tested for reliable performance under permanent mechanical stress and meet the stringent requirements of DIN ISO 9022.

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    ZEISS Industrial Lenses
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    ZEISS Dimension Lenses
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