Free 60-Day Version of ZEN (blue edition)

Process and analyze your microscopy data at home or at work

Do you want to extract the valuable information that is hidden in your multidimensional images? You can now get the full processing and analyzing power of ZEN imaging software for your PC or laptop at home or at work, for free - for full 60 days*. After this time period, you can simply continue using your free ZEN installation for many basic tasks, e.g. optimizing display settings and converting multidimensional CZI files. Or, you can buy selected image processing modules to enhance your ZEN installation later.

* Please note: your free trial version of ZEN (blue edition) does not support microscope control.

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ZEN (blue edition)

Included Modules in Free 60-Day Version of ZEN (blue edition)

Advanced Processing

Additional image processing functions.


Processing of data acquired with Airyscan.

Automated Spot Detection

Automated counting and quantifying spots inside the cell nuclei.

Cell Counting

Module for automated counting of fluorescently labelled nuclei.


Quantitative colocalization analysis between two fluorescence channels.


Automated quantification of the area covered by cells.


Advanced functionality of ZEN Connect.

Connect 2D Add-on

Extension for ZEN Connect for workflows with correlative sample holders.


Improvement of 2D/3D image stacks via 2D/3D-deconvolution.

Direct Processing

Processing of images directly during acquisition.

EM Processing Toolbox

EM Image Processing.

Extended Focus

Calculation of a completely sharp 2D image out of Z-stack.


Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching (FRAP) analysis.


Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) analysis.

Gene & Protein Expression

Automated quantification of gene and protein expression levels.

Image Analysis

Assistant for creation of automatic measurement programs.


Image segmentation based on machine-learning algorithm, using pixel classification.

Intellesis Object Classification

Object classification based on a machine learning algorithm.

Macro Environment

Editor and debugger for OAD macros based on Python.


Advanced interactive measurement tools.

Physiology (Dynamics)

Analysis of physiological time series data.

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