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PALM MicroTweezers


PALM MicroTweezers

蔡司 PALM MicroTweezers 光镊系统可精准、无接触地操作细胞,以及捕获、移动和分选微观颗粒。

  • 介绍

    PALM MicroTweezers 可确保简单且精准的显微操作

    借助 PALM MicroTweezers 能够无接触地操作微米和亚微米级的细胞与颗粒。高度聚焦激光束可对活细胞、细胞器及其他大体积生物分子进行捕获、移动和分选。只需使用鼠标单击目标位置即可完成捕获。

    您还能为 PALM MicroTweezers 安装 Force Measurement 测力软件模块及配置蔡司高级成像和辅助技术,如活细胞成像系统或
    PALM MicroBeam 激光显微切割系统。

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  • 特点
    • 无接触、非侵入式三维样品操作
    • 捕获、定位或分类显微样品
    • 使用 click & trap 功能直观地操作双激光束
    • 结合了显微操作技术与高级成像平台
    • 与诸如蔡司 PALM MicroBeam 等其他解决方案兼容
    • 应用范围涵盖显微操作、细胞间相互作用、细胞分选和定量测力


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  • 技术


    如果需要一款用于分离和操作细胞与亚细胞级颗粒的高精密工具,那么 PALM MicroTweezers 将是您的理想之选。操作非常直观,允许您捕获、移动和定位微观样品,如血红细胞或细菌。
    光镊使用高度聚焦激光束的力场产生光陷阱,从而在无机械接触的情况下执行精准的显微操作。系统使用 1064nm 波长的红外激光,以便将对活体样品的影响降至更低。

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  • Force Measurement 测力软件模块

    Force Measurement 测力软件模块不仅可以借助光镊操作微观颗粒,而且还能在生命科学研究的各学科中实现定量测力


    PALM RoboSoftware 测力模块
    • Click&Trap 功能帮助简化操作
    • 自动光阱刚度校正程序
    • 无需探测器校准
    • 实时可视化呈现校准与实验数据
    • 所有图像和相关数据均可存档
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    Including MicroBeam, CombiSystem & MicroTweezers

    Protocols of ZEISS Labs

    The Unique Microdissection Service

    LCM Protocols – Protein Handling for LC/MS
    Non contact Laser Capture Microdissection - June 2011
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    PALM Protocols – RNA handling
    Dos and Don’ts, slide preparation, archived samples, staining procedures, storage, laser microdissection procedure, collection devices and procedures. Downstream applications, RNA from FFPE and frozen sections, QIAGEN RNeasy FFPE kit, quality control, lab tips.
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    PALM Protocols – DNA handling
    Preparation and treatment of slides, mounting samples onto slides, staining procedures, laser microdissection procedure, collection devices and procedures, cap check. Downstream applications, DNA from FFPE and frozen sections. QIAamp DNA procedure. PCR set up.
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    Chromosome Preparation
    Chromosome preparation, staining, procedure of laser microdissection, collection procedures, collection onto AmpliGrid slide, consumables and components. Collection devices, lenses.
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    Cell Culture, non-contact Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and Recultivation
    Cultivation of cells, coating of Dishes and Slides, improvement of visualization, procedure of laser microdissection, recultivation, time lapse, incubators. Optical Tweezers.
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    Immunofluorescence on frozen sections
    Tips before starting, microtome cutting, antibody staining.
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    FISH Hybridization
    Chromosome preparation. Preparation of chromosome paints. Hybridization of painting probes. Preparation of centromeric probes.
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    AutoLPC from glass slides results in good quality RNA
    For RNA experiments on microdissected samples we usually recommend the use of MembraneSlides. Sometimes only old archived slides are available. We show that even this kind of slides is useful for RNA preparation. After removing the coverslip the unique and proprietary software function of “AutoLPC” allows quick access to the desired tissue area. And we could prove that this method does not influence the RNA quality.
    (6 pages)
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    RNA extraction from FFPE sections
    Short protocol. Tips and recommendations for using FFPE sections as source for RNA extraction.
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    RNA extraction from frozen sections
    Short protocol. Especially helpful for RNase rich tissue. Tips for microtome cutting and special staining (cresylviolet).
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