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Xuwei Yang

Tackling Challenges with Your Head and Your Heart

Driven by passion. Guided by knowledge.

Logistics is about delivering things from A to B. As simple as this may seem, what sounds easy in theory can be quite a difficult challenge in reality. Yang Xuwei knows this very well. As a logistics expert at ZEISS he deals with plenty of complex projects. And there’s one he will always remember.

It all started when he received good advice from a friend. Xuwei was just graduating from the Shanghai University of Electric Power, where he had been studying logistics management. While thinking about his future career, a friend forwarded him a job offer from a company called ZEISS. 

To be honest, I did not know much about the company at that time. But, I realized that the position matched my skills and qualifications, and I’m glad I took a closer look,

Xuwei reveals. Applying for a job at ZEISS is one of the best decisions he has ever made. Soon after learning about ZEISS, he immediately applied, was accepted, and his career began at one of the most renowned companies for scientific optics with a history spanning over 170 years.

A solid foundation to pass a big test

After his internship on the Sales team in the Industrial Measurement department at ZEISS, Xuwei knew this was the company he wanted to stay with – and he has. Thanks to a scheduled job rotation, Xuwei has gained insights into the ZEISS processes and business systems. He has sharpened his skills as regards internal and external communications, order production, and tracking. Skills he absolutely needed, particularly for one specific challenge that lay ahead. On 5 November 2018. This date will probably stay with him forever. It was the start of the CIIE.

Success at CIIE thanks to dedication and passion

CIIE – The first China International Import Expo: This was not just an event, it was the most important event in China in 2018. One year before, in May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping himself announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation that China would host the China International Import Exposition in Shanghai. This announcement was an important step for China to open its market and promote trade. Many renowned companies decided to be part of this historic exhibition. ZEISS was one of them, and Xuwei played an important part. At first, he could hardly believe his luck – he would be responsible for transportation and personnel coordination. This was a huge challenge and an important experience for him:

When you have to coordinate with so many foreign customers, CIIE coordinators and various freight forwarders, you may have to juggle the different aspects of your complex tasks.

Of course, Xuwei had a plan. He knew how to climb this huge mountain, but on an adventure like this many unforeseen things could happen. And they did. “Once, I had an uncooperative customer who was required to pay a margin before his medical equipment could be shipped from the United States to China. 

His project had lagged behind and the air freight costs were fairly high. At that time, ZEISS had a machine of the same model that was to be shipped from the United States to China, as an exhibit. We decided to adopt a two-pronged approach; that is, by keeping the customer informed and obtaining his consent on the one hand and coordinating with the customs officers for a solution on the other. 

I can't predict the future, but I can change the present.

This issue was successfully resolved after we received special approval from customs officals," Xuwei remembers. The CIIE left a big impression on Xuwei. In an extreme situation where he was under a lot of pressure, he experienced the power of teamwork. He learned what it means to be surrounded by competent colleagues supporting him, sharing knowledge, giving him advice and helping him out as needed. This experience gave him a big boost. His passion for his job drives Xuwei to learn every day. Working proactively and spotting issues early on is a quick way to solve them. Xuwei knows it will be a while before he becomes an expert in a particular field. He also knows that he doesn’t have to do it alone. After all, he is a part of Team ZEISS.

I don't know what is going to happen in the future but right now, I can change my life for the better.


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