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While still a university student, Jiaqing promised himself that he would do his absolute best to become an expert in his field. Someone who is able to accomplish the tasks he is set without delay and to a very high standard. Someone who is able to pass on his knowledge and experiences to others in his chosen field. Zhao Jiaqing realized that in order to fully grow and become an expert, you must first have the right attitude, put yourself in the right environment and surround yourself with the right people, i.e. those who are at the top of their field, people who are driven and passionate, who have an eye for detail and who continue to work hard to be the best. Jiaqing worked hard during his studies, put himself in the right environment and, for a few years now, has been working at ZEISS.

First and foremost, this work is commensurate with my skills and qualifications. I always want to further my career by accepting a job that matches up with my professional passion and interests. Second, the appeal of the ZEISS brand intrigued me. Frankly, this is a dream job that many young people experiencing employment challenges like me have aspired to.

Jiaqing completed his studies at Shanghai University, where he majored in mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing and automation. After graduating and conducting much research into his future career prospects, he decided to apply for a position at ZEISS. Right from day one he wanted to do something important and meaningful and make a difference – drive scientific developments to guide society in a better direction.

Learning helps you discover your shortcomings

As an IQS application specialist Jiaqing’s responsibilities are to deliver professional technical training to customers, provide technical support to ZEISS' sales employees, handle issues arising from customer feedback, and facilitate the progression of automation projects. He is becoming an expert, but he certainly does not know everything. Learning helps him identify his shortcomings. “During the advancement of a project, there is nothing more frustrating than failing to provide customers with prompt technical support – especially when you are involved in an area of work that you are not familiar with,” Jiaqing admits. Due to its functional limitations, sometimes it is necessary to ask for feedback from the R&D department at the German headquarters to progress. Accepting his own limitations and turning them into capabilities is also a process of learning and self-improvement that he had to get on board with.

Success boosts confidence

The qFlow version is a new solution designed by the Chinese application team in 2019. To implement this project, I first had to familiarize myself with all the details of this solution as quickly as possible – that was really tough. I read the guideline over and over again and consulted with experienced colleagues on the R&D team to enhance my knowledge. Finally, we were able to complete the project successfully for our customers - our hard work paid off.

Identifying your lack of knowledge in a specific area drives you to learn more. While it does nothing to boost your confidence, success ultimately does. Completing challenging tasks with the help of others leaves Jiaqing feeling satisfied and confident. During the qFlow project, he recalls how he and his team were required to program the qFlow Engine. 

By integrating multiple devices into the quality lab, customers were able to review all their reports through one type of software, allowing them to identify issues and make respond accordingly early on. Jiaqing’s hopes to have more opportunities to get involved in project management in addition to his current duties. Starting from technical management, he will then move onto project and staff management. For Jiaqing, this is not the end of the story but the path for growing and enjoying the journey no matter how difficult it may be at any time. Working together and growing together as a team not only to meet customers’ needs but to build a strong and lasting working relationship to improve the future. He believes that there are so many possibilities to grow and advance just waiting to be discovered. Actually, he’s pretty sure about that, and confident about it now he works at ZEISS.

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