ZEISS Greater China

ZEISS entered China in 1957. Currently, ZEISS Group operates in the fields of semi-conductor manufacturing technologies, industrial quality solutions, research microscopy solutions, medical technologies, visual healthcare and consumer optical businesses in the Greater China. The Greater China is one of the fastest developing markets of ZEISS Group. We have approximately 4,000 employees in the Greater China region distributed across 6 production sites and 4 sales and service centers, providing powerful support to our local customers and guaranteeing production for relevant businesses worldwide.

The headquarter of ZEISS Greater China is located in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, where the Sales Service Head Office, Applicable Service and Training Center, ZEISS Industrial Measurement and Production Plant and the first enterprise innovation research center of ZEISS Group outside Germany reside. It features the central logistics and warehousing centers for the entire domestic market, comprehensively supporting research and development, as well as production, in China. It proactively explores cooperation between fields and works to cultivate the Chinese market.

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